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Application for Suggestions

Please report any case of unreasonable regulation or regulatory administration.

Regulatory Reform Sinmungo

Gets faster with your participation.
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Processing Steps of Regulatory Reform Sinmungo

FAQ(Frequently asked questions)

  1. Application

    STEP.01 Application
  2. Receipt

    STEP.02 Receipt
  3. review·discussion

    STEP.03 review·discussion
  4. Answer

    STEP.04 Reply
  5. Explanation

    STEP.05 Explanation
  6. Recommendation for Improvement

    STEP.06 Recommendation for Improvement

Guideline on Collection and Use of Personal Information

1. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information
We collect personal information to check the handling results of suggestions on regulation to the minimum.
2.Items of Personal Information Collected
Name, e-mail
3. Period of Use and Retention of Personal Information related to handling of suggestions on regulation will be retained and managed until there is a request of suggester for deletion.

Suggestion on Regulation

※ Personal information of suggester will not be disclosed outside. Policy on Operation of Board

Policy on Operation of Board

The following posts will be deleted or closed by the administrator without prior notice.
- Spreading of false information (in case of the fact unverified by the 3rd party)
- Repeated posting of a bitter curse, advertising, obscene materials and same posting (contents are the same)
- Slander, insult of others, defamation or instigation of local feeling.
- Slander or insult of other religion
- Including personal information (resident number, e-mail, phone number or account, etc.)
- Violation of operation principle (copyright)


※ Please enter the name of suggester (group name) accurately.



※ Please enter the name within 25 characters.


* Open or not



※ Please be careful not to include personal information (resident number, phone number, etc.) in the attachment file for privacy protection.

Up to 4000 letters and file attachment of 10MB can be uploaded.

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FAQ(Frequently asked questions)