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Chairman's Greetings

Thank you all for visiting the Regulatory Reform Committee.

The government is currently making every effort to bring the "New Age of Hope" where every citizen is happy.

In order to revive the economy, develop growth engines and create more jobs, regulatory reforms are being discussed as the number one priority project. Also, a greater emphasis is being placed on the function of regulations to make a fair and happy society for citizens to live in peace.

Regulatory Reform Committee is the control tower for the government's regulatory management. It focuses on the "Happiness of Citizens" and "Revival of Economy" and is trying to take a lead on the reform of the regulation system by communicating with the citizens and making them feel satisfied with the regulatory reforms.

We will manage regulation establishments and reinforcement steps thoroughly with preliminary reviews and effect evaluation so that the citizens and businesses do not struggle with illogical and unfair regulations that were made on the basis of administrative expediency. We will also take care of the regulatory management systems through management of total cost of regulations, expansion of the negative regulation method and application of sun-set law.

Furthermore, we will increase communication and interactions with the citizens through Regulatory Reform Sinmungo and open our ears to the voices of the citizens by visiting their communities in order to make people-oriented and real-life-oriented regulatory reforms that are not one-sided and merely dispensational in nature.

Additionally, we will take special care in letting the citizens know of the differences that have made from regulatory reforms.

Please gives us your support and attention to the Regulatory Reform Committee and we will always welcome your suggestions and criticisms in our ongoing efforts.

We will listen with an open mind and reflect your sincere opinions to our work.

Thank you

Civil Chairman